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Welcome to cryptos most exclusive and reputable club in the world! (Not proven, we just think so…). The Capital Club is a hybrid of both the Trade by Design and Invest by Design memberships. By joining The Capital Club, you get access to all of the features in both memberships for a discounted fee.

Inside of the Capital Club, you’ll get to mingle with people who want to enjoy an uncompromising quality of life and who cultivate themselves endlessly, forever learning and evolving within the crypto space.

Every person is invited to become a member of the Capital Club, no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Capital Club Inclusions

If you’re serious about making a living from cryptocurrency trading and investing, here’s why you should consider the Capital Club:
  • Access to everything listed in the First Class and Private Jet tiers, allowing you to become both a crypto trader AND a crypto investor for less than it would cost to do both separately
  • Exclusive Capital Club community to discuss strategies with other Capital Club members
  • Real-time updates of all my crypto investing buys and sells
  • Staking reports on where I’m staking my crypto (when applicable)
  • Monthly crypto updates on coins that have our interest
  • Priority access to TTC products, services & merchandise when released
  • Access to courses and advanced discord channels run the same way as the First Class and Private Jet memberships.
  • The copy trading feature is only available for our bull market portfolio portion of the crypto cycle. You will need to be able to access the exchanges that we copy trade from and join at least one exchange using a Trade Travel Chill referral code before access can be granted.

This membership is the choice for people who want to become both crypto traders and crypto investors. Once again Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for choosing Trade Travel Chill for your Crypto Journey. Let's fly!
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The price for membership is $158.00 per Month.

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