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Why you need individual coaching


Some of the major advantages of having a personal trading coach include:

  • Navigating you through challenges to help you get a deeper understanding of the financial markets and in particular trading
  • Assist you in setting a solid trading plan that will ensure you achieve your goals
  • Accountability by having someone to report to and keep you on track when you start to bend your own rules

At Trade Travel Chill, we aim to refine your current skills and focus on individual feedback regarding your current trading habits. Our coaches will help you close your knowledge gaps, which will ensure you are learning, growing, and evolving as a trader.

They will assist in identifying your blind spots and serve as your compass to ensure you are on the right path in your trading journey and aim to find any self-imposed blockers to equip you with tools to better self-manage these going forward.

Our coaches unbiased insight is offered from a different perspective whilst opening your mind to new habits, ideas, and strategies.

Whether or not you are a beginner seeking assistance in starting your journey, or a more seasoned trader who wants to take yourself to the next level, our coaches are excellent resources who will fast-track your growth as a trader.

This Could Be You!

Investment Advisory Services

Work 1:1 with Anastacia

Experience the transformative benefits of working one-on-one with Anastacia Snelleksz through her exclusive Private Mentoring Package. Tailored to meet your specific needs, this package is ideal for individuals seeking personalized attention, guidance, and support in their cryptocurrency trading journey. Whether you have specific questions, roadblocks to overcome, or simply desire an expert to review and advise on your portfolio, Anastacia provides in-depth insights, proven strategies, and unwavering support. With limited availability, this opportunity grants you direct access to Anastacia’s expertise, ensuring a customized learning experience and empowering you to unlock your full trading potential. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and book your private mentoring sessions with Anastacia today.

Note:  Annii is licensed in the UAE for Investment Advisory Services, which further reflects her commitment to upholding professional standards and providing trustworthy advice to her clients.

1:1 Coaching With Team


A sports-loving Aussie bloke who has pushed hard to escape the rat race and is now one of our cabin crew at Trade Travel Chill! Ryan runs regular live sessions for the Trade Travel Chill members, is available in the community to answer questions and also coaches many of our members privately via our one:one coaching services!


With 3 years of trading under her belt, Aleisha was looking for a deeper understanding of the markets and its movements. So when Trade Travel Chill was born, she joined without hesitation. Fast forward a few months, she now coaches members and runs regular market updates via zoom weekly to keep our members updated with the latest price action!

Coach Cat

Personal, Relationship and Life Coach, Reiki Master and Facilitator, Coach Cat runs the mindset area at Trade Travel Chill. In addition to operating the mindset channels within our community, Coach Cat also runs regular live mindset zoom sessions with members and offers direct coaching for those who need it.

Client Testimonials


Important Notice: The information in these private lessons is general and is designed to be educational only. We do not seek to provide you with personal advice nor make any personal recommendations of any kind. You should not rely on any information provided in these lessons as such. Whilst be do believe that the information provided in these lessons is accurate and reliable, no warranty is given to this effect. Cryptocurrencies are a high risk and complex investment and you must carefully undertake your own research and consider your own financial situation and personal circumstances before investing in them. Where and if appropriate, you should also seek professional financial advice.