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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard flight TTC1, our flagship route to financial freedom and prosperity for all. If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, then this is the flight for you!   Thanks for choosing Trade Travel Chill for your Crypto journey today. We 'll be leaving the gate soon and we can see that there's lot of excitement today. But we do ask that you read the benefit information below and make yourself aware of all the perks that come standard with your flight:

First Class Inclusions (Trade by Design)

Your First Class Membership unlocks instant access to the following:
  • Our First Class In-Flight Bar (also known as the TTC Discord) where you can mingle with the other members and talk all things crypto trading in our live trade room
  • Access to order book and liquidation reports that will leave you so breathless you'll require an oxygen mask
  • During times of turbulence we will turn to on-chain data and if that doesn't save us, we also have an Astro TA channel where we can look to the planets for guidance!
  • Located in the pro chart and live trade session channels, you'll find EXCLUSIVE access to Annii's entire trading strategy, Trading By Design, which is made up of the Market Maker Method, Heatmaps and Liquidation Data and as an optional extra, Astrology
  • Enjoy our In-Flight entertainment weekly with EXCLUSIVE access to a LIVE and INTERACTIVE education sessions where Annii will build upon the entire method also give you the opportunity to ask questions and gain the clarity you need on your trading. All education calls are recorded so you can watch and rewatch in your own time.
  • LIVE open session zooms with our Cabin Crew mean that you can attend the session to want to trade to get an idea of what others trading this method are thinking so that you can make actual trades and learn. Session times are listed inside the discord.
Once again Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for choosing Trade Trade Chill for you Crypto Journey. Please fasten your seat belts, crypto is a bumpy but exciting ride!
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